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One of best mosquito repellents to keep bites at bay while home or away

First thing first, let’s bust some myths about ways to repel mosquitos. As humans whose blood seems to be especially appealing to biting insects, we’ve tried every old wives’ tale in the book, whether it’s eating huge quantities of asparagus (really?) or upping our intake of vitamin B. But when it comes to warding off those pesky mosquitos, nothing, barring commercially produced mosquito repellent, has worked.

The vitamin B theory is the one we hear the most, which is why we roped in an expert to disprove this myth once and for all: “You may have heard the claim that increasing your vitamin B intake can reduce the likelihood of mosquito bites,” says Carolina Goncalves, superintendent pharmacist at Pharmica. “However, research relating to this claim suggests that vitamin B does nothing to repel mosquitoes.”

So, once you’ve ditched the veg and vits, and decided on the repellent route, it’s time to think about ingredients. In our experience, only a handful of natural repellents work (and we’ve included the best ones here), and we’ve never been afraid of a liberal spritz of DEET. Admittedly, it might not have the most pleasant smell, but mozzies hate the stuff.

Don’t assume DEET will upset your skin either – these days, clever formulations mean DEET-based sprays are unlikely to lead to irritation. But if you’re concerned, simply opt for a repellent with a lower percentage of DEET, or try an alternative with an active ingredient such as icaridin (paradin), which is “deemed both safe and effective”, says Goncalves.

Finally, wondering how to help mosquito bites heal (after all, there’ll always be a handful of determined ones that get through)? “It’s important to avoid scratching the bitten area,” says Goncalves. “Scratching can open up the wound and lead to an infection. You can apply hydrocortisone cream or ointment to the bite, although it’s important not to apply it if the skin is broken, as this can make irritation worse.”

The best mosquito repellents for 2024 are:

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