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1.What essential oils do you use?

First recipe: Citronella Oil-4% Lemongrass oil-3% Peppermint Oil-1% Eugenol Oil-1% Cedar Oil-1% Second recipe: Citronella Oil-3% Lemongrass oil-3% Rosemary oil-4%

2.What makes your products different from others?

We use 10% concentration of effective repellent oils which is effective in keeping mosquitoes away. We cooperate with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, have own R&D team constantly improving formulations and conducting extensive internal lab & external field testings. By using aroma fixing technique, we premix oils with sawdust before incense production rather than the traditional way of oil soaking or spraying after production, in this way incense can keep effective and perfumed within 3 years.

3.Can I use incense products around my kids and pets?

While our burning products should always be kept out of reach from children, it’s safe for children and pets as it’s 100% natural, without deet and chemical.

4.Where are your products made?

Our products are made in China.

5.Can I buy samples to try and test first?

Samples are free, but need you to cover the delivery cost USD50, we will deduct this amount from your first order.

6.What is the MOQ?

MOQ is 5040 boxes.

7.Can you produce with my brand and packing?

Of course, we can even help design the color box with your brand.

8.Can I change the packing quantity for each color box?

No problem, you can decide the packing quantity.

9.What is the payment term and delivery time?

Payment term is T/T, delivery times usually 3 weeks.

10.What certificates are needed for shipping?

We can provide MSDS report, certificate for safe transport.